May 31, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Dr. Oğuz Serin of European University of Lefke (EUL) recently presented his observations entitled “Attitudes of Physical Education Teacher Candidates who do Sports and who do not do Sports: TRNC Sample”, at the “3rd International Social Sciences Congress (USBIK 2020)) hosted by Kayseri University.

According to the information provided by the EUL, In his study, Serin analysed whether the physical education teacher candidates who do sports and the physical education teacher candidates who do not do sports, determine their attitudes and professional competence perceptions and whether their perceptions differ in terms of some variables.

He further said that “The research population consists of students of the Department of Physical Education at TRNC universities, and the sample of the research consists of 172 students studying at the relevant departments of two different universities, one state and one private university” and added that in the study, the scale of two different researchers, “Attitude Scale of Teachers’ Teaching Profession” and “Self-Efficacy Perception Scale of the Candidate Teacher” were used as data collection tools. Serin also stated that the personal information form developed by the researcher was used to determine the independent variables (university and gender).

Serin finally stated that in the research, it was concluded that the university variable did not change the attitudes of the male variable while there was a significant difference in favour of male students in terms of gender variable, where the attitudes of teacher candidates towards Physical Education Teaching are low.

The research was carried out with İlhan Terzioğlu, Head of EUL Sports Office.


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