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“We did not cook ; We will be beaten again” play in Girne

Girne Municipality Theater Days Events continues with a play entitled “We did not cook ; We will be beaten again” staged by the Aegean People’s Theatre for an audience in Girne.

 The play will be staged at the Girne Municipality Chamber Theatre on 18th to 20th February at 20.00.

 The plot of the play :

The play starts with two women who are constantly beaten by their husbands, who are weary of life, have never lived their childhood, and have no luxury, and decide to commit suicide to end their lives. These two women rediscover and question life when they are close to death. They suddenly start laughing as they remember the past and cry.  When it comes to putting the noose around their neck, it is not as simple as they thought.

 Theater Days program :

20 February – “We did not cook; We will be beaten again”

3 March – ”The Silence of Kondela”

5 March – ”Defrosting”

10-12 March – ”Woman”

24 March – ”Moroccan Officer”

26 March – “Crazy” games will meet the audience.

Tickets for events are 20TL and can be obtained from Girne Municipality ((0392) 650 0100) and Girne Municipality Chamber Theatre box office (0533 821 2144).