USA drafts supporting Greeks not compatible with traditional approach

Erciyes: “USA’s drafts that support Greeks are not compatible with their traditional approach”

The rights and interests of Turkey and the TRNC have been underlined during the panel entitled “Turkish Foreign Policy on Maritime Boundary & Energy issues in the Eastern Mediterranean” organised by the Turkish Heritage Organisation.

Director General for Bilateral, Political and Maritime-Aviation-Border Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Ambassador Cagatay Erciyes and the Head of the Jamestown Foundation, Glenn Howard, attended the panel as speakers.

Giving a detailed speech about the past of Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean and the rights of the Turkish Cypriots, Erciyes stressed that a solution that excludes Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots in the region will not be sustainable.

Furthermore, regarding the agreement signed between Turkey and Libya for determining the maritime zone in the Eastern Mediterranean, Erciyes said that boundaries determined by this agreement reflect Turkey’s continental shelf. The agreement also protects not only the rights of Turkey but also the rights of Libya. Erciyes stressed that although the TRNC is not recognised by many countries, the rights of the Turkish Cypriots in the Eastern Mediterranean cannot be ignored.

Moreover, Erciyes talked about hydrocarbon activities in the Eastern Mediterranean during a meeting at the Turkish Embassy in Washington attended by Turkish and foreign press members and Ambassador Serdar Kılıç. Regarding the reactions from the US and the EU for Turkey’s drilling activities in the Eastern Mediterranean, Erciyes said “It is not right to blame Turkey on that issue. We are trying to protect our rights. We are determined to protect the rights of both Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots”.

Erciyes also added that some drafts which were approved at the US Congress and protect the Greek Cypriot side are not compatible with the USA’s traditional approach of “being neutral” on the matters in dispute.

Erciyes also stressed that the articles in the mentioned drafts regarding lifting of the arms embargo for the Greek Cypriots cannot be accepted.

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