Work started on the new Girne Museum

Girne Municipality has started the work of design and renovation of Girne Museum, which was introduced with the exhibition “Start” in the building prior to renovation being commenced.

Mayor of Girne Nidai Güngördü, said “We will present the Girne Museum as a gift to our people”, and expressed his happiness for the start of the work which should be completed in 20 months at the latest.

Studies have been made of the scripts written by author Ferhat Atik in respect of the design of the exhibition and public areas of the museum.

The museum, which is planned for the first time in the TRNC and the entire Island, is in a 1,600 square meter building within an area of ​​6,500 square meters. The Girne Museum building, which has been in existence since 1906, reflects a history of its own.

The construction coordination is being carried out by Misli Kadıoğlu; It will include firsts in its type and scope and it is planned to be completed in 20 months at the latest.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü has been expressing his dream for decades and this dream is about to be realised, about making an exemplary museum for Girne and even the whole island. The information provided by Güngördü about the works is as follows:

“For decades, I have tried to accumulate collections as much as I can. I always had a museum dream. We have been fighting for this with our Assembly Members for years. We have succeeded and are starting the work in a building as I imagined. Studies are progressing rapidly.  Our aim is to bring a living museum to Girne and our country that will make a name for itself everywhere. We have made many visits and observations with Ferhat Atik, who has been continuing the scenarios and researches of the project, and Misli Kadıoğlu, who has coordinated the project since the beginning. All these experiences will be reflected in the museum. Also, our museum’s compliance with international standards is among our priorities. We have musicians and architects who support us. The whole process is planned with the working meetings we have with them. Of course, we will, first of all, give our people a gift and entrust our museum, and we want to share every stage with our people.”