Readers Mail

Happy Valentine’s Evening at the Balti House

Readers mail….
Susie Ford…..

Happy Valentine’s Evening was the opening to Susie’s “LUV QUIZ” on Thursday night 13th February at the Balti House, Esentepe.

Lots of Fans showed up wearing  the colour Red which was our theme colour for the night and the winners were:

  • 1st   Dunne and dusted
  • 2nd  Chicks and dicks
  • 3rd  Tyke that/ Charlies mob all receiving cash prizes.
  • and Susie’s famous Lemon went to 2½ lemons minus the ½!!

Thank you to everyone who came .

Thank you to Mahmood (Elvis) and his team at the Balti House as always for great service and food!

Thank you to smasher for all his help as always too!

Look out for lots more themed Quiz Events coming soon!

Happy Valentine’s to you all

Susie x