December 8, 2023

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar spoke at the House of Lords in London at the UK Parliament All-Party Parliamentary Group for the TRNC and emphasised that the reality of the island should be seen and accepted for all time.

Stating that the members undertook a difficult task and emphasising that except for Turkey other countries continue to ignore the Turkish Cypriots, Tatar said that a turning point has been reached and the existence of the Turkish Cypriots should be accepted by everyone.

Stating that vision and courage is required to make progress on the island, Tatar emphasised that this courage must come from both the island and the international community.

1 thought on “Prime Minister Tatar speaks at the House of Lords

  1. The main problem is that we are not a problem to anyone.
    We hardly ever responded to any of the lies claimed about us.
    Our Politicians ware to contend communicate with the Od U.N. representatives when they come to say Hallow or something.
    We never created even A Stir, United late.
    Being Proactive is a very new and Valuable way that we must Perfect for our and our Country as well as Turkey to whose people and Representatives we must Show All the Respect that they Deserve.
    Every action we take to assist there Efforts must be Supported and Encouraged.

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