December 6, 2023

Readers mail…
Damla Beton – Kuskor….
Translated from Turkish….

As Bird and Nature Conservation Association – KUSKOR, we started our work to protect the wildlife of our country many years ago.

We make presentations about birds and wildlife, take nature lovers of all ages on bird watching trips, do bird counts, lead many studies on the protection of wetlands, we work hard. At the same time, we are carrying out studies to prevent illegal hunting in our country.

We are trying to intensify our work during times of illegal hunting. In 2019, we strengthened these efforts with the support of international CABS organisation volunteers. Our growing efforts have shown that illegal hunting is done extensively in certain areas, contrary to popular belief.

As a result, as part of our work on the basis of volunteering in the fall-winter period of 2019, we identified 59 mist nets, 56 Limesticks, 21 bird call devices in various regions and provided the necessary information by contacting the regional police. During these studies, we rescued 344 live birds of 18 different species live from the nets, but unfortunately we found 12 birds dead on the nets. We can also see in international publications that 155 different bird species such as ash, red rhinos and spiderbirds were captured during illegal hunting activities in Cyprus. During our long-term work, we have seen that in recent months, the Cypriot Ishakbird and other owl species, which are considered to be unique to Cyprus, were caught in the nets during the poaching or killed by an illegal hunter. In some places, we hear that ambelopoulia are served as appetizers, and sometimes we see it via social media.

Due to increased controls to prevent illegal hunting in Southern Cyprus, we are concerned that illegal hunting and methods will be sought. In 2020, we will continue our fight against illegal hunting by strengthening. Anyone who wants to report this matter can contact us.

From the early hours of the night to the first light of the morning, we would like to thank the police friends and military authorities and all nature-sensitive volunteers who do not leave the association’s officials alone.

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