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Furry Friends Kyrenia – Newsletter January 2020

Readers Mail …
From Barbara Burton …

Wow our 1st newsletter already! I can`t believe how quickly the last few weeks have gone by!

Karen, Kerry and myself (Barbara), decided in early December 2019 that we would like to raise funds to help people who help the street animals in the Kyrenia area. We met to discuss how and why we could start in the New Year and then suddenly, in the middle of December it all began.

Twinkle was found at the side of the road outside Tropicana in Ozankoy. He was in such pain with his back leg and so eager to be with people. We rushed him immediately to Firdez at Animates, (Firdez named him Tinkle but we changed that to Twinkle!) He was x-rayed and found to have a dislocated and badly broken leg and needed a complex operation involving pins and screws. He is chipped, chubby and was well fed, neutered and house trained and a very happy older dog. The chip details are invalid and his owners not yet found. Firdez and Sybil generously continue to house him at Animates, his surgery was successful and he is now waiting for his Furever Home.

A large portion of Twinkles` fund has been donated by Val Stuart Traynor who sponsored him by volunteering for a magnificent `Dry January`. Grateful thanks to Val and to everyone who sponsored her. The generous people at Slimming World have donated to the fund and Val has kindly offered to become trustee for this.

The wonderful people at The Food Lodge were next on board by offering us space for a tabletop sale to raise our necessary funds. Thanks to Sonya and Latife; to all who have donated items and to everyone who came along and bought and who also have donated cash. Please continue to come along to our regular sales on Wednesdays, 11am to 2pm, you can enjoy a coffee and a cake while you are there.

Our next `case` was for 2 kittens. Mummy cat was picked up by Necla and Mark Burton during terrible weather conditions. She gave birth to the 2 live kits before she could be taken to a vet. Those 2 kittens are beautiful and healthy, have now been spayed and one has been homed.

Next came along Hazel, an extremely emaciated, elderly hunting dog. She is being fostered, putting on much needed weight, likes cats and now likes and is strong enough to play with other dogs.

Then came Robert and Nan with a sad story of a mummy dog Lola, with 2 older pups Tilly and Coco. They were abandoned by someone moving out of a house near to them in the Elexus area. Nan and Rob volunteered for the continuing care and feeding of the dogs and we agreed to help with neutering and health checks for them. Coco was the first to go to our lovely vet, Altay, for spaying. During this treatment Altay has x-rayed and taken blood tests and found that Coco has a badly injured and dislocated hind leg due to an old injury. She also has the blood disease Elishio which requires medication. Her leg operation is scheduled in a few weeks time when the Elishio has responded to treatment. Tilley will be checked and spayed next week. All 3 dogs will continue to be looked after by Rob and Nan, thank you.

A lovely couple, recently now full time in Cyprus, Martin and Lisa have donated a dining table and chairs. These have now been sold and the funds earmarked to pay for Coco’s operation. Thank you to them and also to everyone who has donated items and money for our Furry Friends.

The Red Ribbon Restaurant will be holding an Entertainment and Music Quiz on Thursday the 5th March to help with funds for the stray animals in the Kyrenia area. Please let us know if you want to book a table, 60tl per person including a buffet supper.

Special thanks to the very talented Christine Lynch who brought to life our lovely Fred, the Furry Friends mascot.

Thank you too to Jean and to Sonya who have volunteered to join our group.

As you can see it has been a very busy time for us all and I am sure there are busy and exciting times ahead! Without so many of you who have helped us we would not be able to carry on. Please continue to donate and to buy and please help us to help you with the animals of North Cyprus!

Karen, Kerry, Barbara, Jean and Sonya