December 9, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

80 children from Birikim Preschool, recently toured the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts and Cyprus Car Museum of Near East University.

The two museums are situated in the Museum Zone of the University Campus.

The children were accompanied by 8 teachers, who not only took care of the children but also helped them in understanding the contents of the museum.

According to the information provided by the Near East University (NEU), Şülay Görün the guide of the museum, welcomed the teachers and the children and provided them with information about the museum and the works which are exhibited .

Pointing out the importance of learning by experiencing at a young age, Birikim Preschool Founding Director Özge Hulusiağa stated that the visit provided an opportunity for children to learn by experiencing both the museum culture and how to tour a museum. She added that the visit was very fruitful in terms of enhancing the general culture of art for the children by witnessing very distinguished artworks.

Underlining the significant effect of such visits on the children, Özge Hulusiağa stated: “After our visit, during a class hour, we asked each child to draw a picture. One of the children drew a picture depicting the Austin Princess brand car that was gifted to Dr Küçük as his official vehicle by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II”.

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