December 8, 2023

We have received and are replicating important clarification received from the British Residents Society following their meeting with Stephen Lillie, the British High Commissioner on 27th January 2020, for the benefit of all of our readers who wish to know the latest news of pre-Brexit issues..

Dear Member,

This morning (27th January) representatives of the BRS met with Stephen Lillie, the British High Commissioner at Shakespeare House, Lefkosa.

We requested the meeting to seek clarification regarding, amongst other things, the anecdotal evidence of persons attending the Metehan border crossing in order to obtain the T.O.M. documents, required to purchase insurance, for persons taking their vehicles to the Republic of Cyprus.

The information being fed back to the BRS was that the T.O.M. documents would cease to be issued following the UK’s exit from the EU on 31st January, or that UK citizens driving a TRNC registered vehicle would not be allowed into the Republic of Cyprus beyond 1st February 2020.

The High Commissioner stated that neither of the above statements were correct.  He confirmed that following the UK’s exit from the EU later this week, the UK then entered its ‘transitional period’ with the EU which meant effectively that the UK remained tied to EU rules for free movement until at least 1st January 2021.

He confirmed that members of the BHC’s Consular team had met with officials within the RoC government to confirm that this was the case and had requested that the Greek Cypriot officials at the border crossings were instructed that this was the case. 

Of course, we are aware from recent TRNC ‘residency’ issues, that officers manning border crossings and immigration posts sometimes are not sufficiently aware of the actual rules and that mistakes were inevitable.  In these cases, we would ask that you have patience and report any anomalies to the BRS via the website, or at clinics so that we can report them to the BHC for them to inform the relevant officials within the RoC.

The other matters discussed at the meeting will form part of our Newsletter which will be circulated next week.

Peter Wilkins

BRS Chairman

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  1. My experience with RoC officers at the border is that they sometimes make up their own rules. I had an old Renault 9 that was Moted in the north and serviced well but the officer came out of the booth and looked at the car from a distance and said it was too old and refused the document that would have allowed me to buy insurance and use the car in the south.

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