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THANKS on behalf of ZAYDER

By Kate Cornwell……..

I recently wrote about the Secret Santa day, that was organised by wonderful volunteers on behalf of the ZAYDER organisation, for 85 children to have a wonderful day, lunch and presents on 28th December 2019 at Karsiyaka Park. 

Rabia Õzcömert, who runs ZAYDER with 20 volunteers and multiple students that help out, is one incredible lady.

Within the article she asked me to request on two issues, one for the workshop – sewing machines and another to try and raise funds for a 6-8 seater vehicle to help with issues like taking children to the dentist, so instead of having to take one at a time, they could take 6+ which obviously helps with time management.

I have since been contacted by two different people who have a sewing machine and these will be delivered to me shortly and I will in turn contact Rabia to get them picked up – thank you so much.

With all the rain recently, Rabia has also sent out an urgent appeal for bed linen and men’s clothes – so if you have any to spare, please contact me – 0533 843 2862 or Teresa Cefa on 0533 8673530 and Rabia’s number is 0548 8372327 (Turkish only).