PJ’s and Onezee Night Quiz at the Balti House, Esentepe

Readers mail…
Susie Ford…

The 1st Quiz of the Year started off with a PJ’s and Onezee Night at The Balti House on the 9th January 2020.

Lots of people came in their dressing gowns, PJ’s , Onezees and Slippers!   It certainly looked funny seeing zebras, cows, super mario, skeletons and all sorts sitting down doing the quiz and also singing karaoke afterwards! Martin Ford was a chipmunk and myself, Susie the quiz mistress, as a unicorn!

The presentation also took place for quiz results of 2019.  This happens every year!!

  • 1st  US4    Graham – Susan Morrison – Avril and Stephen Meacher ..
  • 2nd THE SHEBELLS.- Kate Bell –  Shirley P . – Pat C – Jewells Stott
  • 3rd  THE CHICKS AND DICKS  Annette and Fossi – Lesley and Keith – Dave.l
  • THE LEMON LOSER certificate went to Anglo Swedes – Ossy and Susy
  • Shut Ya Gob certificate went to Lesley Ellis .
  • Helper of the year – John.M.Molloy
  • Thank you to Lemon Lady – Kate Bell.

It’s always a great turn out at the quiz and Martin and myself would like to thank you  ALL for your forever ongoing support and we would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year.  Here’s to the New Year and quizzing and LOTS more fun!

Thank you again