Secretary of State for UK FCA, Dominic Raab, warns Greek Cypriot side

Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Dominic Raab, spoke to the BBC regarding the incident in the case of a judgement which ruled the 19-year-old British teenager convicted of lying about being gang-raped by a group of Israeli males in Ayia Napa and made a call to the Greek Cypriot authorities to “do the right thing” about the case of the British citizen woman.

Stating that he expressed his concerns to the Greek Cypriot Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides about the woman, Raab stated that the first priority was to see the teenager released and returned to the UK to start her recovery as soon as possible.

Raab also drew attention to the fact that the case has caused reactions in Britain and the other countries as well, and calls for a boycott have been made.

Upon a question whether the Foreign and Commonwealth Office will warn the British tourists about travelling to the Greek Cypriot side or not, Dominic Raab said that travel warning advice has always been evaluated.

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