Animal care

January, a dry month for Slimmer’s World’s Val Stuart-Traynor

Intro by Margaret Sheard ….

Val likes a drink in the evenings, maybe 2 or 3 whiskeys or pink gins! but she wants to help one of her Slimmer’s World group to cover veterinary bills for Twinkle, an injured dog which is being treated for a broken and dislocated leg and also will need a permanent home, and so Val has decided as a New Year resolution she will do a ‘dry month’ in January.

This will however have one exception as the 17th January is Val and Geoff’s 25th wedding anniversary, so we must forgive her for that day.

Val had only just started to ask for sponsorship and Chris and I pledged 100TL on behalf of CyprusScene but as at 30th December while out shopping and visiting the butcher she found the amount already pledged was 460TL, and later in the day Val confirmed it had risen to 750TL, so well on the way. 

If you would like to help Val (and Twinkle) please add your name, telephone number and amount pledged on the form which can be accessed by clicking here and this can then be emailed to Val at after you have entered your information.

Following is Val’s message :

“I’m going to do dry January to raise money to pay Twinkles vets bill. He was run over and abandoned.  A fabulous lady will take him permanently if a home can’t be found. Around 2,000TL is needed. If you could just sponsor me 1TL a day (total of 31TL) that would be fantastic x”