December 9, 2023

By Margaret Sheard …. 

Recently we noticed a new hotel which seemed to have suddenly appeared in Çatalköy on the main road towards the Five Fingers Mountain road, and a little while later it had opened.

We saw an invitation on Facebook for people to go along and view the hotel and so decided to go and see what this hotel had to offer and were very impressed with what we saw.   The front aspect of the building is very striking, especially in the evening when it is all lit up.   Entering the building is even more impressive with a huge open plan area of seating, bar area, restaurant area, reception etc.  A lot of thought has been given to the way in which this large area has been laid out.   Beautiful lighting, highly polished floors, free standing shelving with interesting ornaments and really nice seating areas with settees, chairs and coffee tables.

We met with the owner of the hotel, Ulku Çangar, who told us the hotel has 116 rooms with 280 beds, a Spa is soon to be opened which will provide a fitness suite, massage, sauna, and hairdresser.  There is also a convention centre.   The Manager of the hotel is Serdar Oktay, although we didn’t have an opportunity to speak to him during our visit.   We spent some time enjoying music from Hasan Gűnyűz and sat with many other people who were enjoying the occasion.

At the rear of the hotel there is a large garden area, a very large terrace and an enormous pool.   This will be a lovely setting when the warmer weather arrives and we could imagine how the area would look filled with guests at the hotel.

We are looking forward to making a further visit to see the new Spa and perhaps be able to see a little more of this new hotel.

We wish the MC Palace Hotel every success for the future.

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