NEU record in TRNC Shooting Federation Republic Cup Airgun Competition

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

The 2nd Airgun Cup competition has recently been organised by the Shooting Federation of TRNC.  In total 13 teams participated.

According to the press information released by the Near East University (NEU)  the competition was held in accordance with the standards of World Rimfire and Benchrest Federation (WRABF).  In both men and women categories, shooting scores were achieved at the same level of achievements made at the international competitions organised by the WRABF.

The competition not only exhibited the capabilities of the participants but also found a number of records broken.

NEU shooter and national shooter Mehmet Zeybekçi scored 248 over 250 points and achieved the highest ranking and scores ever recorded both in the TRNC and at international competitions; and attained the 8th best rank of all time in international competitions. In the women’s category, NEU shooter Elif Tunçel broke the TRNC record and in international competitions, she achieved the second highest ranking of all time in a national competition by women athletes in benchrest discipline.