Latest issue of “Near Health Magazine” is published

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The eleventh issue of “Near Health Magazine” of Near East University has been published.

This magazine carries latest information and ongoing research about various topics related to medical science.

According to the information provided by the Near East University, the magazine aims to share the latest innovations in the medical world with its readers and is published free of charge in both Turkish and English semi-annually and contains many important and current issues in the field of health in its eleventh issue.

The latest magazine specifically deals with information on early diagnosis, screening, and fighting breast cancer.

In the magazine, health recommendations are provided for the readers on subjects such as “Kidney Stones in Urology”, “Balance and Vertigo in Ear, Nose Throat”, “Winter Depression in Clinical Psychology”, “Anger Control”, “Vaccine Guide for Diabetes Patients in Internal Diseases”, “Pneumonia”, “ Hepatitis B and Vaccines”, “Osteoporosis”, “Hives”, “Cholesterol Drugs in Cardiology“, “Aspirin Use ”, “Electronic Cigarettes in Chest Diseases”, “Sleep Suggestions in Pregnancy” and “Callus Treatments”.