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27th October, a big day for Taşkent Nature Park and Astrid

Introduction by Margaret Sheard …. 

Having visited and written about Taşkent Nature Park and the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, on several occasions, we were so pleased to come across the following wonderful news of the release back to nature of a sea turtle after more than 4 years.

Taşkent Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre …

Astrid’s story

The story began before the Cyprus Sea Creatures Centre was established. It was 2015 when the sea turtle was found with a blow to the head. With the first intervention at the Near East University Animal Hospital and the care given to him, his wounds had healed, but he could not be submerged as he could not dive under water. Those who visited the Hayvan Hospital between 2015 and 2017 will certainly remember this animal, number 4.

At the beginning of 2017, a cooperation protocol was signed with Taşkent Nature Park, which was established in 2016, and the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre and the Near East Veterinary Faculty and Animal Hospital. Within the framework of this protocol, the transfer of Astrid to the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre was on the agenda, but the Centre did not then have the infrastructure to accommodate a sea turtle. Everything was planned, preparations made and Astrid was transferred to the Centre to be placed in a temporary tank.

In the meantime, preparations for the establishment of a fully-fledged centre for marine organisms began immediately and a delegation was sent to Israel to examine the centre. In Italy, support is provided from centres and experts who have been working on this for years. Eventually, our Marine Creature Centre was established with 10 tanks and a capacity of 160 tons of water per hour. Astrid became the first patient of this centre.

And that’s why the Sea Creatures Centre was founded. Our Astrid is ready to swim to nature, the high seas and freedom after a total of over 4 years of captivity!  Astrid is fully recovered from the Rehabilitation Centre prepared for him.

On 27th October 2019, we will send our Astrid back to nature and thanks to the satellite transmitter we have placed on his back, we will be able to hear from him even months after his return to nature.

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