NEU represented at the III Beauty Festival in Antalya

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The Near East University (NEU) was represented in the III. Beauty Festival held by Istanbul Beauty Experts and Beauty Center Entrepreneurs Chamber of Craftsmen in Antalya, by Assist. Prof. Dr. Yeşim Üstün Aksoy, Lecturer Safiye Solo and students of the  Vocational School Hair Care and Beauty Services Department.

The Festival was recently organised by the Istanbul Beauty Experts and Beauty Center Entrepreneurs Chamber of Craftsmen, in Antalya.

According to the information provided by the university, a total of 13 training sessions were held during the festival, and 10 experts from Turkey and abroad gave information to participants on different professional topics.

Head of Hair Care and Beauty Services Assist. Prof. Dr. Yeşim Üstün Aksoy said, at this festival, students learned about the new generation beauty technologies and the latest make-up trends in the world, as well as the current innovations in this field, examined the latest products and methods and improved their knowledge.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Aksoy; “Eyebrow powder technique, transformation, managerial problems in beauty centres, scar treatments with PRP technology, diamond peeling, eye pixel shading, composite nail and template application with acrylgel, hyaluronic, the effect of ceramide and perpit derivatives on the skin, nue brows ”S hair technique”, smoke make-up, lip rejuvenation, youth vaccination with plants and professional legislation and professional development related to the training was given to beauticians by doctors, biologists, healthcare consultants, management consultants and makeup artists. ”

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