Readers Mail

Donate a toy to Syrian war children through Kyrenia Evkaf Volunteers

Readers mail…
Oya Kutsal….

Let’s make young war survivors in Syria happy by sending toys and clothes.

We, as Kyrenia Evkaf Volunteers for Good, have started a campaign for Syrian children who have survived the war.

We are collecting toys for them. They have experienced a war that has filled their souls with fear. We know it is not easy to heal their souls but we can give them hope and joy by sending them toys. Toys are an important part of childhood. Toys give children a sense of belonging, sense of protection, inner peace, and joy of life. We just want them to smile inside and trust humanity again.

We will be very grateful if the people of Kyrenia will contribute to our campaign with toys

Contact Oya Kutsal by email on to arrange your toy donation