EMU 13th Sand Sculpture Festival exhibited creativity and talent

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) organised the 13th annual Sand Sculpture Festival and competition on 13th October 2019.

As always, the event was organised by the EMU Architecture Faculty, Interior Architecture Department in collaboration with the EMU  Design Club.

The sculpture and competition event has become very popular, not just amongst the students of the university, but also attracted a lot of local talented participants and the public.

At the end of the exciting event the groups “Creativity for Change”, “Dracarys”, “Plutonians”, “Break Point” and “Turtles” were deemed worthy of receiving awards. The groups “Artemisia”, “Denizlerimizi Koruyalım” (Let’s Protect Our Seas) and “Jeddah Team” were also praised by the Jury.

The festival held on Famagusta’s fabulous coast was made more colourful with the participation of students from universities throughout the TRNC. The festival which allows participants to get involved in alternate activities by taking advantage of the country’s natural beauty presents the perfect platform for everyone to have fun and boost their creativity. The festival was also a good welcoming activity for new university students who have recently arrived on the island.

Groups participating in the competition made their sculptures in designated sections whilst enjoying the beach and lovely weather. Participants also danced to lively music played by a DJ.