December 1, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

On the occasion of “World Women Farmers Day”, which is celebrated on October 15, all over the world , Prof. Dr. Özgüven, Vice  Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, at Cyprus International University, talked about the importance of the contribution of women, who are actively involved in all stages of agricultural production, in the evaluation of rural livelihoods and the management of nutrition, food security, land, and natural resources.

In a statement issued, Özgüven pointed out that the evaluation of resources will increase production with the increase in the number of enterprising women farmers and the contribution to the economy will grow even more.  She emphasised that women farmers should be supported by training programs, which will be organized by the relevant ministries.

Özgüven stated that women constitute 40% of the world’s agricultural labour force. “Women living in the countryside are the main actors of socio-economic continuity throughout the world,” she said.

She further pointed out that women living in rural areas play the most important role to ensure the continuity of agricultural production and rural life all over the world. She pointed out the importance of rural development in the TRNC, management of natural resources and increasing entrepreneurial projects to support women to ensure sustainability in agriculture.

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