December 9, 2023

By Margaret Sheard ….

Alper Cengiz, owner of the Soulist Coffee & Music House, and Bayrak International Radio DJ Roland Eyerich, have been working hard organising a great line-up for the 3-day music festival “Friends Across Borders” (FAB) which is to be held 27th to 29th September at the Soulist in Alsancak.

This is going to be a brilliant 3-day music festival with something to please everyone.  Tickets will be 50TL for each day and there will be a special price of 120TL for a 3-day ticket.

Following is the current line-up of groups which will be performing each day and Roland will prepare a final update soon.

Rock Balance

Friday 27th September

Rock Balance


Blind Man’s Tale (BMT)


The Great Flood

Saturday 28th September

Blue Tears

Hugh O’Neill

Supernova Reggae Band

The Great Flood

Alper Cengiz & Friends


Sunday 29th September

Cyprus Classical Music Group

Zara Barkhoudarian – (Cyprus-Armenia) – Piano/Soprano

Rauf Kasimov (Cyprus/Russia) – Piano

Peri Sualp – Vocal (Cyprus)

Edgar Evoyan – Vocal (Cyprus-Armenia)

Iris Langford – Soprano (UK)


Photos – top left – Iris Langford, top right – Rauf Kasimov, bottom – Zara Barkhoudarian, Edgar Evoyan, Peri Sualp


Originally this was a trio, there have been some changes and now there are 4 members of the group, forming a quartet.  Pictures show 2 of the group – Mert Coscun and Dimitris Miaris (piano).


Summers Lease

For the first time there will be a “Young Stage” group which has recently been formed called Summers Lease.  This is a Rock trio from Ilgaz, Alsancak and Ozankoy.

Where did the name Summer Lease come from, they said : “It is like leasing summer … you lease your youth, you lease each hot summer day and can lease the band to bring back all the good vibes of good music and feeling free in the summer time”

The Band:

Jordan Omeroglu    (South African/Turkish) – Drums
Jan Saygineren    (Cypriot-/Polish) – Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Daniel Ogun            (American/Turkish) – Guitar

This is the biography of the band in their own words.

Jordan Omeroglu (13)

 “I started playing drums when I was three years old. The reason for this is because my family members played drums such as my mom, uncle and grandfather. Some famous drummers who inspired me are Lars Urich from Metallica, Emerson Bennett from Parlaye Royalle and Mike Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac. When I’m not beating the drums with my best friends, I’m usually playing computer games, swimming, drawing, or playing with my dog.“

Jan Saygineren (13) 

“I started playing guitar when I was six years old. My inspiration came from the song ‘Thunderstruck’ by Angus Young of AC/DC. My favourite guitarists are Angus Young, Kirk Hammett, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Kurt Cobain.“

Daniel Ogun (13)

“I got my inspiration to play guitar from watching Billie Joe Armstrong from the band Green Day play live in Washington, DC three years ago. I started playing guitar when I was 9 and my first guitar was a Yamaha acoustic guitar. The people that gave me inspiration are Jimmy Page, Kirk Hammett, Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen and Keith Richards. I am lead guitarist for our band Summers Lease.“

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