December 6, 2023

Readers mail….
From John Aziz Kent…..

I would like to thank my dear friends Margaret Sheard and Chris Elliott for trying to do their utmost for my beloved TRNC.

John Aziz Kent

Especially helping to promote TOURISM via their very influential CyprusScene e-newspaper and website on the internet believing in the TRNC and the TRUTH of how it has been unfairly Embargoed by the EU despite the fact that they promised to help if the Turkish Cypriots voted yes to the ANNAN plan.  The EU did not keep their promise.

Hence after 60 years of living under APARTHEID rules just because we are TURKISH CYPRIOT, we have struggled to stay in our country of birth and they call this fair. They made the other half of Cyprus members of the EU to benefit from all EU human rights, so why are the Turkish Cypriots living under embargoes to this day.

To put forward some examples of how unfair they are, we cannot have any international sports or export to any country or have direct flights for TOURISM etc, etc, etc. Thank you, EU for dividing my small island of Cyprus so that you could exercise your Apartheid rules on the Turkish Cypriot people just because they chose to live in their island where their ancestors have been for hundreds of years.

Yours sincerely,
John Aziz Kent
Founder and Chairman
International Cyprus Turkish Dillirga Association

3 thoughts on “John Aziz Kent rebukes the EU for unfair attitude towards the TRNC

  1. It’s a disgrace, the EU are a law unto themselves that’s why we are desperately trying to leave them

  2. All complexes are born from ones feelings of inadequacy. We can enjoy our normality and let the EU and the Greek Cypriots enjoy their superiority complexes.

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