Girne Municipality, penalty imposed on Girne Bakery

Girne Municipality continue to carry out inspections in order to protect the public in respect of health in the operation of food businesses within the boundaries of the city.

During routine checks carried out at the Çıralı Bakery, products were stored in an extremely humid and airless environment, conditions that were not suitable for food hygiene. 1685.60 kg of bread yeast, 950 kg of salt, 1450 kg of sugar, 340 kg of additive/enzyme, 384 kg of oil, 32 kg of tahini, 75 kg of rye flour, 24 eggs, and 50 kg of sesame were seized for disposal. Food processes carried out under conditions contrary to general hygiene rules were stopped and sealed. A fine of 2,128TL was imposed due to nonconformities detected in the enterprise.

Girne Municipality Health Branch Supervisor, Naile Soyel, stated that food hygiene is important for the safety and health of human life. Soyel emphasized the fact that the concept of Food Safety is of global and scientific value, and that the excuse of neglect in providing hygiene cannot be more important than protecting human health, so the business owners must undertake all kinds of responsibility and should fulfil the legal obligations.

Nidai Güngördü, the Mayor of Girne, underlined that the services of enterprises within the framework of their responsibility must show awareness and respect for human life, without fear of municipal control.  This is of great importance for the development of our city and of our country in general, and that ensuring the trust of the community creates an economic added value.

Mayor Güngördü said, “We will continue the inspections. It is our duty to provide controls to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met by all businesses. In cases where public health is put at risk, our legal procedures will continue”.

Source: Girne Municipality