Ministry of Health calls for blood donations

“Blood donation saves lives”

The Ministry of Health pointed out that the decrease in blood donations in the country has disrupted treatments and called for donations. 

Stating that there is a serious drop in stocks in the Blood Bank, the Ministry of Health noted that patients and thalassaemials who have blood needs have difficulty in finding blood and called for donations to all citizens in order to overcome the shortage of blood stocks.

Minister of Health Ali Pilli called on citizens to donate blood to compensate for insufficiency in stocks and announced that the Ministry of Health would organize various blood donation campaigns in order to overcome this deficiency.

Minister Pilli, is contacting major institutions and organizations on this issue by calling for cooperation.  Dr. Ali Pilli said, “Blood donation is important both for providing blood to the people in need and for the health of the donor. The donation of every healthy person who is able to give blood will help to eliminate the current blood shortage in our country.  Everyone has to do their part in blood donation.”

Blood can be donated at the following Centres :

Nicosia Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital Blood Bank,

Girne Akçiçek State Hospital,

Famagusta State Hospital

Cengiz Topel Hospital.

 Source: Ministry of Health