Erdoğan: Initiatives in Eastern Mediterranean against Turkey unlawful

Turkish President and Leader of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that the initiatives against the rights of Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean creates doubt about the European point of view towards Turkey.

Making an evaluation regarding the latest development in the Eastern Mediterranean at the provincial headquarters meetings of his party President Erdoğan said ‘we have two drilling ships in the region and there are some who are uncomfortable because of our drilling ships, Why?’.  Erdoğan continued his words by underlining that they are determined to take the necessary steps in line with international law in the Eastern Mediterranean, he also reminded that Turkey is not an ordinary nation with regard to Cyprus, and that they are in fact a guarantor country with Greece and the United Kingdom. Erdoğan also pointed out that the EU in fact is an observer, however, it never carried out its mission, reminding that the EU was the observer in the Burgenstock Talks.

Furthermore the Turkish President said ‘While 65% of Turkish Cypriots voted in favour of the Annan Plan and 75% of Greek Cypriots rejected the plan which was the result of Burgenstock, the north was excluded from the EU while the Greek Cypriots were made full members. Unfortunately the EU failed to honour its promises to the Turkish Cypriots following the referendum such as financial aid. This is their character. They never keep their promises.

Lastly the Turkish President stated that nowadays there is a similar unjust attitude against Turkey’s F-35 issue and said that if steps are introduced against that issue, Turkey is not a clan state, it is an independent country. The Turkish Republic has a 2 thousand year old history.

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  1. “The EU failed to honour its promises” and “They never keep their promises” yet Turkey still seems to want to join this corrupt club. Why?

    • Prosperity, high standard of living, 4 freedoms, democracy, respect of human rights, respect of minorities, welfare, healthcare, education, social security net, higher life expectancy, all these are at their highest in Northern Europe than anywhere else in the world. So naturally, everyone aspires to the European way. Look at the migrants and the refugees.

  2. Quite often the truth is pushed aside when it’s not considered favourable to the alternative, which may be preferable to find it more convenient to accept a lie.