Readers Mail

The Truth of the Cyprus Problem says John Aziz Kent

Readers mail….
John Aziz Kent….

Dear Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard.

Thank you for giving the CyprusScene readers of Northern Cyprus and the world especially the young people the TRUTH in your article   click here of what went on during those black days before 1974.

The Turkish Cypriots were treated by their compatriots the Greek Cypriots with Apartheid rules so that they would all emigrate from Cyprus or be killed by EOKA so that the island could be united with Greece ENOSIS as a Greek island.

Only Greeks with Makarios ruling as Archbishop and also as President of Cyprus was acceptable to them.

After so many destructive years things have not changed unfortunately for our neighbours as they want to rule the whole island of Cyprus by themselves. In any case you both and the world know the rest of the TRUTH which is at long last emerging and cannot be denied, as shown in the video below.

John Aziz Kent Kent
Founder and Chairman
International Cyprus Turkish Dillirga Association