The Truth of the Cyprus Problem

By Chris Elliott…

Since time began Cyprus has sat in the Mediterranean Sea and been visited by many people from the countries seeking to colonise it because of its strategic importance. Now let’s fast track though history to the current day with the island divided mainly due to the British Government not wishing to live up to its responsibilities to ensure peace was maintained which led to Turkey launching a peace operation on its own to stop the bloodshed.

Fast track forward again and the island is still divided with south Cyprus being awarded EU membership and trying to claim control of the whole island despite rejecting the UN-brokered referendum, the Annan plan, which the Turkish Cypriots accepted to settle the dispute over joint governing and living in peace together.

So here we are with the world living in a dream world as to the TRUTH of the Cyprus Problem, and in a few days time it seems almost certain that Boris Johnson will become the new UK Prime Minister.

Will he, with Turkish ancestry, be the tough guy,  to say enough is enough, to bring out the TRUTH and settle this crazy mismanagement of the Cyprus Problem by the British government in years gone by?

Do watch the video below and make up your own mind as to what the TRUTH is and the ongoing year in/year out stream of mistruths for the world to hear and designed to maintain the status quo, with half of the island claiming its right to possess the other half through its improper membership of the European Union and the broken promises of the EU to the Turkish Cypriots.

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  1. Dear Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard.

    Thank you for giving the CyprusScene readers of Northern Cyprus and the world especially the young people the TRUTH in your article of what went on during those black days before 1974.

    The Turkish Cypriots were treated by their compatriots the Greek Cypriots with Apartheid rules so that they would all emigrate from Cyprus or be killed by EOKA so that the island could be united with Greece ENOSIS as a Greek island.

    Only Greeks with Makarios ruling as Archbishop and also as President of Cyprus was acceptable to them.

    After so many destructive years things have not changed unfortunately for our neighbours as they want to rule the whole island of Cyprus by themselves. In any case you both and the world know the rest of the TRUTH which is at long last emerging and cannot be denied, as shown in the video below.

    John Aziz Kent Kent
    Founder and Chairman
    International Cyprus Turkish Dillirga Association

  2. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out the Turks have been short changed here!

  3. A good article highlighting the truthful and disgraceful way the Turkish Cypriots have been treated.

    • Thank you Sheri as you say a true summary of the Cyprus Problem which was long overdue

  4. Why does the international community seem to side with the Greeks
    The silence from them is deafening.