Frustrating Bad Habits and who has them?

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

There are so many things that disturb us, for example the following improper actions  :

  • …. throwing garbage out of the car
  • …. playing loud music in the car
  • …. overtaking the wrong way
  • …. driving at night with headlights on, blinding the driver of a car coming in the opposite direction
  • …. keeping headlights on and engine running while parking the car to buy something from the market
  • …. chatting on a cellphone while driving
  • …. driving extremely slowly to use a mobile phone, without caring about a traffic  queue behind
  • …. driving very close to the car in front
  • …. parking the car half on road and half on the footpath
  • …. opening  the door of the car without looking back
  • …. not giving way to an ambulance
  • …. parking the car at a place reserved for physically disabled people
  • …. throwing garbage out of the garbage bin
  • ….  leaving the lid of the garbage bin open
  • …. speaking loudly with a friend on the road from an apartment block higher balcony
  • …. playing music loudly and disturbing the neighbours

etc etc.

We witness those things mentioned above and many others of the like almost daily. Mostly we ignore them because none of us want to enter into an argument or fight in the road or in the locality where we live.

Repeatedly people doing any of these have been warned by others, but usually no one cares about it. Those who have developed a habit of doing all or many of the above, do not stop their unsociable habits.  It is not just other people who frequently try to pinpoint the wrongdoings to the wrongdoers, but at times even the police reprimand them by penalising them, but very few of them change their habits.

But these are all the facts of life.  Facts of our daily lives.

But there is something interesting about all this that I recently noted.

I spoke to many people and asked them if they do any of the above. Interestingly each of them responded with a big NO. Actually this is the obvious answer that I was expecting.  I accepted that they all were honest and their answer was correct.

I know that I do not do any of the above or anything similar.   I honestly believe that you will also say that you do not do any of the above or similar.

Now the problem is that when I do not, you do not, friends of all of us do not, then who is guilty of the unsociable actions that we come across – almost daily?

WHO ARE THEY?  Do you know them?