Akıncı: Cooperation on hydrocarbon issue will shorten way to solution

President Mustafa Akıncı stated that agreeing cooperation on the hydrocarbon issue within the framework of a joint committee will not present an obstacle for a solution, on the contrary, it will shorten the way for a solution.

In his written statement following the decision of the Greek Cypriot Political Party leaders Council, President Akıncı noted “I want to express that I am very worried regarding the negative attitude of the Greek Cypriot political party leaders who met with the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades yesterday (16th July). Our proposals aimed to make cooperation in the field of hydrocarbon and decrease the tension in Cyprus but I am astonished by the reasons of the Greek Cypriot side to refuse our proposals”.

Furthermore, Akıncı noted “the Greek Cypriot side claimed that with our proposals, we aimed to draw attention to ways other than reaching a solution and the core of the Cyprus problem and they also claimed that our proposals do not serve the interests of the whole of the people of Cyprus. Everyone should know that it is the Turkish Cypriot side which desires a comprehensive solution in Cyprus and suffers much from the status quo. This was approved in the 2004 referendum and the conference in Crans Montana in 2017”.

President Akıncı also stressed that the reason of not having a result oriented negotiation process at the moment is not caused by the Turkish Cypriot side but the Greek Cypriot side who refuses the Turkish Cypriots’ political equality and active participation to decisions. Adding that our proposals for hydrocarbons aimed for the cooperation and joint benefit of both sides, Akıncı pointed out that the Greek Cypriot side insists on disregarding the Turkish Cypriot people and conducts activities unilaterally. “Unfortunately, the Greek Cypriot leadership prefers tension policy but this attitude does not serve to have peace and stability in the region” Akıncı stressed.