Minister Üstel received KTSO officials

Tourism and Environment Minister Ünal Üstel, received Candan Avunduk and officials of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry (KTSO).

In his speech Minister Üstel stated that the KTSO has an important place for the economy of the TRNC and underlined that the duty of the state is to pave the way for the industrialist.  He said that unproductive society is doomed to extinction, and that it is the state’s most important responsibility to promote production both in domestic and foreign markets.

Ünal Üstel reminded that they had consulted with the relevant sectors in the past especially for the preference of domestic products in the field of tourism in order to support the domestic industry and that they are at the same point today and there will be initiatives on the subject.

The Minister also mentioned environmental issues and stated that they intend to come together with all relevant sectors in the country to form a joint commission in order to create a cleaner and more beautiful country for a sustainable environment.

“It is a fact that some productive industries do some damage to the environment. In this sense, KTSO’s environmentally sensitive attitude is pleasing”. Minister Üstel stated that they are planning to establish a joint commission in cooperation with all sectors in order to achieve a sustainable structure in environmental issues. 

Stating that they will cooperate with the Ministry of National Education on environmental issues, Minister Üstel underlined that they are determined to carry environmental awareness further.

Minister Üstel also stated that a new project will be implemented in a very short time to avoid pollution of the seas, which is the most important natural area of the country’s tourism, and also Continuous Wastewater Monitoring Systems (SAIS) have been put into operation for measuring the quality of water released from the treatment facilities.

Another important project in relation to environmental issues implemented by the former Minister in respect of solid waste regulations will continue to be developed, this includes toxic waste, medical waste from hospitals, environmentally friendly disposal of waste. The project that will filter harmful gases will be implemented at the end of July.

The Minister underlined that all people should be sensitive and conscious about environmental issues and that they are determined to make big changes in the environmental law and they work with the aim of increasing awareness and ensuring a sustainable and healthy environment.

In his speech, Candan Avunduk, President of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry (KTSO), wished Minister Üstel success in his new position.

As KTSO, Avunduk stated that goods and services should be kept in the foreground for the development of the country and that production should be directed to the domestic market and then to export.

Avunduk, who requested assistance for further development of cooperation in encouraging the use of domestic products in the tourism sector, stated that they are ready for cooperation to be made on this issue.

He also stated that they take the responsibility of environmental pollution arising from production upon themselves and act on the principle of ‘cleaning pollution’.  He reminded that they have always had cooperation with the Ministry on environmental issues and that they are sensitive about the responsibility of producers.