Kaymakçı: ‘EU has caused enough harm to Turkey and Turkish Cypriots’

A reception was organised to celebrate Finland’s term presidency to the EU by the Finnish Ambassador to Turkey Pekka Voutilainen.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Turkey, Director for EU Affairs and Ambassador Faruk Kaymakcı stated in his speech at the reception that the EU is trying to draw up inhibitive measures against Turkey’s drilling in the Eastern Mediterranean and added that the EU has caused enough harm to Turkey – EU Relations and Turkish Cypriots in the Island.

Contrary to the attitude of the EU there is need of a positive agenda said Kaymakcı and underlined : ‘We have been saying since 2011-2012 that we can turn this energy issue from a conflict to a cooperation and on several occasions we have offered to establish a joint committee to deal with the future energy income in the island’.