Dipkarpaz area and its rich tourist potential

By Peter Toms…..

There is nowhere in the world more peaceful, tranquil and panoramic than the Northern Cyprus area of Dipkarpaz and the many surrounding villages graced by a constant overlord of mountains on the one side and the beautiful blue Mediterranean sea on the other.

This area is untouched by the ides of time and the village life of a vast farming and grazing community meanders by, untouched by progress. Most Islanders live off the land and its produce and are hard working and proud of their community where Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots have worked and lived together in harmony and friendship.

Tourism is a very important business in the area as people from all over the world travel here to explore the many historical sites and walk the hills and dales spotting a great variety of bird life, whilst others enjoy an amazing collection of wild flowers. The Karpaz is famous for its miles of golden beaches and its very friendly donkeys which are extremely popular with the tourists and provide a great centrepiece for their holiday photos.

The village people are very friendly and the small boutique hotels are a pleasure to stay in and our story now begins to unfold with the Oasis Hotel at Ayfilon watched over by a twelfth century Venetian Church and the remains of a Roman Harbour which grace The Oasis Hotel and produce an amazing sight from the restaurant when the golden setting sun slips from view behind the Roman legacy.

View of Ayfilon church from the Oasis Hotel