February 5, 2023

By Margaret Sheard ….

Sunday 9th June was a lovely warm and sunny day, just right for the Hope 4 Pets Auction which was held at Tim’s Cafe/Bar in Ozankoy.

There were 43 items up for auction which was conducted by Sandra Brennan of Bar 33 (The Old Mill) Ozankoy, and she did a marvellous job of encouraging the people to part with their money.  Suzan Fehmi and Trudy Mace also did a great job of displaying the various items as they were ready to be auctioned.    There were a few which did not receive any bids and no doubt they will be included in a future auction.

There was also a raffle and Kirstie Acar was busy persuading everyone to buy tickets.  The raffle was to be drawn at the end of the auction.  Unfortunately we were not able to stay until the end.

Although there wasn’t a huge crowd of people, there was a good number to make the auction special and the fantastic amount of 6,868TL was raised through their generosity.

Following is a comment by Stephanie Harrison-Croft of the Hope4Pets Team.

” Thank you once more to everyone who contributed towards our auction today from donations, bids, grafting and hands on in many ways, organisation, auctioneering, venue, publicity and verbal support.

Please forgive me if I miss anyone out but special thanks to Barbara Burton and Graham, Bill Harrison-Croft, Elizabeth Stowell & Peter, Karen Lain, Suzan Fehmi Emma Eminsoy, Creditwest, Kirstie Acar, Trudy Mace, Jean and Kerry Evans, Sandra Brennan, Tims Cafe & Bar, Phil and Jill, Hatice Salih Kerimgil. You are all Ab Fab!

We together raised a total of 6,868TL to help us continue supporting animals in need.”

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