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2nd Friends Across Borders Festival at The Soulist in aid of Tulips

By Roland Eyerich ….

Festival Update –  2nd June 2019 ….

Alper Cengiz and Roland Eyerich will be presenting the 2nd “Friends Across Borders” Festival at The Soulist Coffee and Music House in Alsancak in aid of Help Those with Cancer Association TULIPS, with a 3 day Festival.  

This will be the first time of arranging a 3 day Festival – from 27th to 29th of September 2019. Diversity in high quality Live Music is the heart of this year’s project. Blues, Blues/Rock, Rock, Reggae, Jazz and Classic.

Friday 27th September is the day for Blues/Rock and Rock.

Saturday 28th September there will be a mixed program from different music styles

Sunday 29th September will be Jazz and Classical music.

l-r Alper Cengiz, 3 of Paper Thieves Band, Roland Eyerich

Special Guests on the 2nd Festival day is “Paper Thieves“ from Berlin/Germany.  Here is some information about this group.

Paper Thieves made their debut on Saturday 12th of May at the Soulist with the music genre “Nu-Soul“. The Soulist had on cultural offer that weekend the different music genre. Alternative Rock, Jazz and Nu-Soul and Paper Thieves were a part of this. Nu-Soul is a style of music that has its roots in jazz and indie rock. For this special event weekend it was possible to present the band “Paper Thieves” from Berlin/ Germany.  A great performance and an audience that appreciated this particular style of music.  It was just different – no jazz, no rock, it was music with the roots in jazz, indie rock and of course the roots of the band’s countries of origin like Cyprus and New Zealand, Usually a 5-piece band – they debuted as a 3-piece band for their appearance in The Soulist. On Bass: Candas Erdener (Cyprus), Guitar: Eric Wermke (Germany) and piano and vocals: Leah Christensen (New Zealand).  A great performance, which the audience could have listened to again and again. Outstanding, was the extraordinary voice from Leah Christensen. The group is from a former divided country, Germany, and also a divided city, Berlin. These musicians will be supporting the Friends Across Borders event in aid of Tulips (Help Those with Cancer Association) so it will be a reunion on 28th September.

Included in the 3-day Festival up to now are the following bands:

Stingray (Psychedelic Rock)

The Gentleman (Blues/Rock & Rock)

Blue Tears (Blues/Rock)

Paper Thieves (Nu-Soul) – Berlin/Germany

Inchequin (Celtic Rock & Rock)

Supernova Reggae Band (Reggae)

Alper Cengiz & Friends (Rock & Soul)

Katie Economidou (Classical)

Alper Cengiz & Friends


I will be following later with a further update with more bands and musicians and information.

We are hoping to receive some sponsorship to cover the costs of this Special Event and would ask local businesses and people if they can help us to achieve bringing together people through music, by offering some financial assistance,

If anyone can offer sponsorship please contact Alper Cengiz on Tel: 0548 839 8994 or email: or  email Roland Eyerich at: