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KAR Annual General Meeting 2019

It was good to read that after a very difficult year Kyrenia Animal Rescue was able to bring a very upbeat report to their 2019 KAR Annual General Meeting as you can read under.

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Kyrenia Animal Rescue

The AGM was held on 29th May at KAR’s offices in Karakum. Margaret Ray welcomed members and read out an extensive report of KAR’s activities through 2018.

Margaret reported that it was an extremely difficult year and a very sad one with the Distemper crisis hitting hard and closing the centre in April until September. The year began with 327 dogs and 39 cats in our care and ended with 260 dogs/puppies and 39 cats/kittens. Despite the problems we still managed to find forever homes for 47 dogs and 31 cats and it included 6 dogs given lovely new homes abroad and following an appeal 7 lucky Cyprus Terriers travelled to the USA.

Essential work was carried out at the centre to include the quarantine area and treatments for the dogs became high priority.

In February we were successful in achieving our long time plan in employing our own Vet to work in our clinic facilities for three days a week. During the year animals from the shelter were treated and working with our cat catching team and members of the public a fantastic number of street animals were neutered totalling 34 dogs and a record 841 cats. This brought the totals of those neutered over the last 17 years to an amazing 3,755 dogs and 10,157 cats.

Social media became a strong tool in promoting KAR and our website was revamped, FB saw more visitors and a Paypal and Donate button was introduced. FB sales was introduced.

Sponsor a dog or cat in our care is actively promoted and at the end of 2018 155 dogs and cats were being sponsored.

The Education team visited many local schools with the help of the KAR Workbook and visits to the rescue centre taught many students about being safe around animals and animal welfare. Our professional Pet Travel department helped owners to relocate 118 pets globally and also helped owners to bring in 59 pets to their new homes in the TRNC. 

KAR Education and KAR Pet Travel

Our three charity shops bring in much needed funds although the lack of volunteers continues to be an ongoing problem. Christmas Bazaar, Collection boxes, stall at Lambousa, School Reunion, Fashion Show, Ladies Darts, Race Night, Alternative Quiz, Card Bingo, Slimmers World and performances by Bob & Jon, KADs etc all helped finances.

We are now the only privately run shelter in the TRNC. We are very proud of the facilities that we have and that the animals are cared for to the highest standard. We want people to come and see for themselves.

Diana Peek and Margaret Ray

Margaret closed by thanking the fantastic dedicated staff and volunteers.  Those wonderful people that helped KAR through the very difficult time with words of support, donations of medicines, cleaning materials, goods for sale and much needed funds we thank you all so very much.

The Financial Report on the 2018 Audited Accounts was presented by the Treasurer Diana Peek.

Committee members elected for 2019/20 were Margaret Ray, Gwen Cassell, Denise Aksoy, Marion Clay, Dilys Guthrie and co-opt members Jacky Kester and Senem Burkuoglu.

A gift of thanks was presented to Diana Peek on her retirement as a valued member of the Executive Committee. Diana has given many hours of her time freely and we are very grateful to her for all she has done as a member of the committee.