Animal care

KAR are jumping through hoops for their dogs.

Introduction by Chris Elliott..

I was very amused by a video and comment that Kyrenia Animal Rescue posted on our enewspaper  Facebook page which we shared and are sharing again here as it speaks volumes of those wonderful KAR people who go the extra mile of going through hoops to help the animals at their rescue centre.

From Karen Gallagher
Kyrenia Animal Rescue ….

Please Share our Video of Elaine ‘testing out’ the Exercise area, as we need to spread the word of the work we are trying to achieve at the Centre. This Area was built using very little donated funds…. it was more of a scavenger hunt!!!! Please make people aware, and have a laugh at the same time….. We need the profile… so share, share, share….

Chris, the reason behind this video was to show everyone, that even if our backs are against the wall, we can still find the sunshine in a day in the life of KAR Centre Arapkoy.

The Exercise and Play Area was the brainchild of Elaine and her dedicated staff and volunteers who used their downtime and own time to complete the area.  Very little donated money was used, it was mostly scavenged and recycled from the rubbish tips of the TRNC.

She asked the office to go up and take some photos of the nearly completed area, then decided that she wanted to ‘try it out’.  She had no idea she was being videoed until halfway through…. by then it was too late and she was immortalized forever in social media……

She did end up with a very bruised toe after falling through the hoop………

If you think you can beat her time, 1min 37sec….. give it a go or take the time to put one of our dogs through its paces.  Please, go visit, keep us relevant and help our dogs and cats.