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Presentation to WW2 veteran, Bob Howard, by RBL Kyrenia Branch

As RBL, Kyrenia Branch, members we are always pleased to be able to promote their brilliant work for those who have served their country and are still doing so.

Brian Thomas, Bob Howard, Sir Michael Graydon

Bob Howard, a resident in the TRNC, is a WW2 veteran who was involved in the D-Day Landings and a presentation was made to him on the 26th May to enable him to visit the UK for the 75th anniversary commemoration.  

Following is RBL’s summary of the event.

“ On Sunday 26th May at 12.30pm there was a small presentation by Sir Michael Graydon to Mr Bob Howard at The Old British Cemetery, Girne. Thank you to all those who attended and helped make this occasion special. 

RBL Chairman David Horsfall, Bob Howard, Christine Brown, Sir Michael Graydon

The Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch, presented Bob with flight tickets to enable him to fly back to the UK. There he will be hosted by The Royal British Legion and attend the commemorations to mark the 75th anniversary of the D Day landings in France, along with other veterans who helped liberate France during the Second World War.

He was also presented with a new cap which he said was much needed.

We wish Bob and his daughter Christine Brown, who will be accompanying him, a safe trip and look forward to photographs and the many stories we are sure Bob will be able to tell us on his return.”


For more information about the Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch visit their website and facebook pages.