TRNC News 25th March 2019

  1. Özersay: “I want our people to be at ease in terms of guarantees” ….
  2. Özersay conveys his condolences to Peters ….
  3. Akıncı receives Garber ….
  4. Osman Örek remembered ….

Özersay: “I want our people to be at ease in terms of guarantees”

In an event he participated yesterday (24th March), the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay informed the citizens about the Cyprus issue, the guarantees, the recent armaments of the Greek Cypriot Administration and the diplomatic developments in the hydrocarbon reserves in the region.

Stating that he wants the people to be at ease in terms of guarantees, Özersay said that he had also discussed with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu in Antalya in the past week all regional developments and he added that he is always in contact with Turkey. Özersay said: “Our sensitivity on this issue was underlined two days ago in Antalya in the joint press statement of the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu and Greek Foreign Minister Georgios Katrugalos.”

Özersay also added that on the one hand, entering into an armament process that goes beyond the defence purpose in the region, on the other hand, asserting that the guarantees are outdated, is not a very realistic and sincere approach

“Unfortunately the Greek Cypriot Administration does not seem ready for the political equality and the sharing of authorities in the administration as we have expressed many times,” Özersay said.

Özersay conveys his condolences to Peters

In Istanbul on Friday (22nd of March, 2019), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay conveyed his condolences to New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Winston Peters.

Özersay who attended the OIC Emergency Open-Ended Executive Committee Ministerial Meeting on the Terrorist Attack against Two Mosques in New Zealand and on Countering Hatred and Intolerance against Muslims, referred to the meeting via his social media account concerning his contacts at the meeting.

Özersay said: “I found the opportunity to convey the sorrow felt by our country regarding the terror attack which took place in New Zealand”.

In his speech at the meeting, Özersay pointed out the need for the international community to be in solidarity on the basis of common values against such hate crimes and terrorist attacks. Özersay also expressed the hope that such a tragic event will never be experienced again.

51 people were killed in a terrorist attack last week during Friday prayers in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Akıncı receives Garber

President Mustafa Akıncı received the newly appointed US Ambassador to Lefkoşa, Judith Gail Garber, who began her duty in Cyprus on the 18th of March 2019. During the visit President Mustafa Akıncı informed the US Ambassador about the essence of the Cyprus issue and the efforts made by the Turkish Cypriot side with the hope of reaching a solution. The President added that the Greek Cypriot side’s rejection of the Turkish Cypriot side’s political equality was creating a serious obstacle in the negotiations process.

The President also spoke about the hydrocarbon resources in the Eastern Mediterranean by saying that the vision for the hydrocarbon resources should be aimed at protecting regional peace and security. Explaining that some years ago European Union membership should have been an encouraging factor for a solution in Cyprus, however that did not materialise and it was a great mistake. Noting that a similar mistake is taking place now on the hydrocarbon issue, President Akıncı said that instead of encouraging the sides towards cooperation, the international community is encouraging the Greek Cypriot side to take unilateral steps and this is not assisting in the solution process on the island.

Osman Örek remembered

The late Osman Örek who had served as the Speaker of the TRNC Assembly and as Prime Minister was remembered yesterday (24th March) on the 20th anniversary of his death at a ceremony held at the state graveyard.

TRNC President Mustafa Akıncı, the Speaker of the TRNC Assembly Teberrüken Uluçay, the Prime Minister Tufan Erhürman, the Turkish Ambassador to Lefkoşa Ali Murat Başçeri, Ministers, other state and government officials as well as military staff and the members of his family attended the ceremony.