Flying high with the University of Mediterranean Karpasia

By Chris Elliott….

Northern Cyprus is rich in opportunities for education with a number of fine universities and in this article we are looking at the wide and diverse opportunities to study for those attending the University of Mediterranean Karpasia  including Civil Aviation Transportation Management and Cabin Services.

University of Mediterranean Karpasia

Founded in 2012, the University of Mediterranean Karpasia is set in Nicosia, the capital city of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). With its second campus established in 2014, the UMK intends to enhance quality of its education and to educate tolerant, confident and entrepreneurial individuals, equipped with world class professional knowledge, skills and competencies.

The objective is to have the students learn scientific knowledge by experimenting as well as testing and researching in addition to using that knowledge in their daily lives.

The University of Mediterranean Karpasia strives to reap benefits of academic research and studies by conducting education within production and putting into use the university – industry cooperation. Accordingly, in order to reach standards of global universities and enable the students to have internationally recognized diplomas after graduation, agreements have been made with some international universities, including B.H.M.S. Business & Hotel Management School – Switzerland, Superior University, and College of Tourism & Hotel Management (COTHM).

With academicians who emphasize science and practice, the university offers a total of 10 Associate Degree Programs in Vocational School of Civil Aviation, Vocational School of Business Administration, Vocational School of Culinary Arts, Vocational School of American Tourism and Hospitality Management; 7 Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Faculty of Business, Faculty of Civil Aviation, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Faculty of Law; and 9 Master’s Degree Programs in the Institute of Social Sciences.

Associate Degree Programs
Vocational School of Civil Aviation
–   Civil Aviation Transportation Management
–   Civil Aviation Cabin Services

Vocational School of Management
–   Foreign Trade

Vocational School of Culinary Arts
–   Culinary Arts (Cooking)

Vocational School of American Tourism and Hospitality Management
–   Tourism and Hospitality Management

Bachelor’s Degree Programs
Faculty of Business Administration
– Business Administration
– Political Science and International Relations

Faculty of Civil Aviation
– Aviation Management

Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management
– Travel Management and Tourism Guidance
– Hospitality Management

Faculty of Law
– Law (Turkish)

Master’s Degree Programs
Institute of Social Sciences
–   Business Administration (Turkish/English)
–   Tourism Management
–   Accounting and Finance
–   Occupational Health and Safety
–   International Relations
–   Management Information Systems
–   Health Institutions Management
–   Administration and Supervision of Educational Institutions



Under common ethical values and in the light of science, the university is committed to educate tolerant, open minded and self confident entrepreneurial individuals who are equipped with world class professional knowledge, skills and competencies and responsive to domestic and international issues. Our main objective is to educate high quality work force in terms of knowledge, skills, emotion and consideration. Implementing an education model involving modern teaching methods and techniques as well as practices necessary for professional knowledge and skills, we educate well-disciplined individuals who have effective external communication skills, high sense of responsibility and internal focus of control. With scientific research of global standards, the University of Mediterranean Karpasia is making valuable contributions to public welfare as a research and development center. In this context, the ‘Education within Production’ program provides the students with the opportunity to have a hands-on work experience with an intention to educate leader human resources who are competent in applications, environmentally and socially conscious and who are in constant self innovation process.


The vision is to become a leading educational organization in our field. As a pioneering educational institution, we intend to educate solution-oriented, self-initiative individuals with good leadership and professional skills, who adapt to rapidly changing scientific and social conditions of the 21st century with a high level and updated knowledge, good social communication skill, effective use of technology, and the necessary skills to successfully implement team work. Institution Administration and Inspection (English).

North Cyprus, because it offers:

  • Easy integration into cultural and climatic conditions,
  • An island famous for its exceptional natural beauty and historical richness,
  • Friendly and cordial people,
  • Lifestyle characterized with  tranquility and peace (very low crime rates)
  • Multicultural environment with students from 80 different countries,
  • An island of Universities and knowledge,
  • Education at global and European standards.
  • English – An advantage of education in English for an international career,
  • Facilities and quality of education offered by the university.

The UMK, because it offers:

  • Internationally accepted prestigious 4-year undergraduate and graduate programs,
  • English educational standards accepted worldwide,
  • Learning by living, experimenting, observing and examining
  • Evening courses for professionals
  • Quality education at affordable fees,
  • Experienced academic staff and employees.


The following video gives an introduction to the 2 year associate degree program which covers the management and movement of passengers from check in-until boarding of the aircraft.

During the second year the students have an internship studying and working with XP Travel and T&T companies that serve Pegasus Airlines.

In this video Seran Beyar,Director of Aviation School.  talks about the 2 year training program for cabin staff and during semesters they are offered internships at Ercan Airport, Pegasus and T&T companies to continue their training and on receiving their diplomas at the end of their training they are able find jobs world wide in accordance with IATA and EASA rules.