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We receive many enquiries for information in response to our publications on Cyprusscene and below is a a request for confirmation and additional tips from Ray Meredith concerning driving licences as reported in Trevor’s Tips for March 2019 . Click here to read more.

Thank you ,

Trevor Hughes

UK Driving Licence…..(North Cyprus Trevor’s Tips for March 2019).

You may not have realised, but there is a small change when renewing your UK driving licence. When the time arrives for you to renew, your paper version entitles you to drive in the UK up to the age of 70 years of age. However, if you have a pink plastic card version you can only renew for a maximum of 10 years. We had a lady who changed her paper licence in 2008 making the expiratory date August 2018.  Because she was under 70 years old and was not aware of the 10-year ruling. This came to light whilst making her application for a TRNC licence which she was not able to do, because her UK licence had expired.

The moral of this story is, check the expiratory date and renew if needed. This sad story is she is not able to legally drive here or in the UK, or indeed over the border, until she acquires a new UK licence, and then she can make an application for a TRNC licence.

As you may know, a British Citizen needs to renew their driving licence every three years when you have reached the age of 70 years. Before sending your old licence to the DVLA for renewal, make sure you retain a photocopy of the current one. This is essential because if the licence is lost in transit you will not be able to renew it, as the DVLA will not process the application for you until you can provide a printed copy of the old one! By not having  a valid UK licence can cause some difficulty when going over the border or wishing to drive in the UK. One of our readers did not follow this simple procedure and needed to take a driving test here.

Comment: from Ray Meredith

  1. I was interested in your ‘Tip’ regarding the lady whose pink UK driving licence expired unknowingly. Why she had changed her green paper licence for a pink plastic one, more than ten years before she had to (at age 70) seems a bit odd, especially as there is a charge for doing this before age 70.

  2. However, putting that aside, the simplest way of getting a new UK licence at age 70 and 3- yearly thereafter is to do it all online, entirely free of charge, on the DVLA website.

The first time that you use the online service, you need to quote an email address, your postal addresses for the previous three years, your NI number (not essential if you don’t know it) and a valid UK passport number.  (DVLA retrieve your photograph from the Passport Agency, so no photographs required.)

For subsequent 3-yearly renewals, all of this information is stored on your record and there is no need to repeat it, unless your passport photograph has changed, in which case your new passport number is required.

You are not required to submit your old licence until the new one is received, so you are never without a licence.  You can obtain a new licence up to three months ahead of your birthday, which will run from the issue date until your next three year anniversary.

Tip:  If you use a search engine to find the DVLA website, BEWARE!  There are some official looking websites which offer this service but which charge a fee, typically about £70, whereas the DVLA service is entirely free of charge.

My confirmation::

Hi Ray,

Thanks for your reply regarding the Driving Licence and your information.

  1. Firstly,  her first licence was in 2008 and the licence was only for 10 years, expired in 2018 which makes it expired for a TRNC licence. To get a licence here she will need to apply for a  new licence and then she  will be OK
  2. The second example is from a 70 year old who  could not renew it because the UK  DVLA  would not renew it due to the fact he could not send his old licence or a copy as he no longer had it.

I hope this clears up your concerns and and thank you again for your  thoughts and information.

Best wishes

Trevor Hughes

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