Dreaming or setting goals?

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

My late father used to say that in case “you cook something in your dreams, it’s better if you make it too tasty”.  To me this statement can be looked at as both optimistic and pessimistically. Frequently it has led me to think of events in either way.

If we look at it optimistically, this statement is meant to make one go for big goals always. But pessimistically it is sufficient to demoralise a person, as it can be taken as making one believe that it is just in dreams that one can be at his best.

Personally however, I have always tried to take this statement positively, and a source to strengthen my self confidence and to go after big achievements and big goals.

I have mentioned the above, only because for a long period of time, I have been trying to achieve my goal. This is a goal which I had set for myself years ago. For over last two decades, I always had this goal in my mind, but always found myself not fully ready to achieve it. Frequently I found myself demoralised for not going out for it, because to date I did not find myself in the best condition to go for it.

Yes, I am talking of my goal of completing 365 marathons in 365 days. I will not say that I dreamed of it, just because I never took it as something which I would forget as a dream. This was a commitment, a very serious commitment.

For the last two decades, every day I find myself inching forward towards achieving this goal, but at the same time I find myself inching away from it too. Thus I have been through the mixed feelings of both optimism and pessimism. But, even such state of things have not been able to discourage me. My ultimate goal is there, and almost everyday I re-commit myself to it.

But when? this is the question which has always disturbed me.  I very clearly understand, that this goal can be achieved only when I am in my best form. But for me form has never been a problem. My form is always indexed to my commitment. For years I have been able to regain my best form, repeatedly after a lean period.

But what is more important is time. To achieve my goal, I need a committed one year time. 365 days with no other commitment, other than finishing a marathon daily. Unfortunately due to my various commitments, I have not been able to find 365 uncommitted days due to these commitments. This is the problem.

The other day Abdulhalim AKÇAY, who is presently on his 2 year long bicycle tour of Turkey, told me that he had written a letter to himself, some 5 years back.  In this letter he had listed down the goals for his future five years. As he told, he had written down in that letter, what he should be doing in the next five years time. So now he is running after the goals which he had fixed for himself, five years ago.

This idea appealed to me a lot, and I thought over it.  Of course I can renew my commitment.  I understand that I need to fix a time schedule to achieve my goal, and to work strictly accordingly. Abdulhalim AKÇAY had fixed a 5 year time schedule, what would be my time schedule. I do not have any idea whatsoever.  I too can fix a 5 or more years time schedule, but will I be able to have one whole free year to run every day without any commitment. I am afraid that’s not possible for at least the next 8 years, since I still have to repay my bank loan instalments for the next eight years.

But this blatant fact is not sufficient to discourage me. My goal is all set. I am fully committed for it, because I know I can do it, even in eight years time from now.

Completing 365 marathons in 365 days, may come as an unachievable and beyond limit sort of goal, but not for me. It is simply a case of self confidence and commitment.

As I always say the key to all my long distance runs/walks is my self confidence and commitment. Fitness makes just 30% of the whole.

For most, it is my dream, and as my late father too had said, I need to make it too tasty, but for me it is not my dream, it is my commitment.

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