September 28, 2022

Gratitude Day – Cyprus 2019

By Margaret Sheard …

Ayda Sabri was born in Cyprus and emigrated to Australia with her parents as a young child, where she still lives.

In 2011, following a visit to India, Ayda saw children living in the slums and having no education to give them a chance to improve their lives.   She returned to Australia and set up the Gift a Dream Foundation to raise funds globally to remedy this situation and since that time has spent much time herself in India where children are now receiving education via the Foundation.

Ayda and George (World without Borders) have organised a Gratitude Day – Cyprus 2019 on Sunday 24th February from 11am to 7pm at Ammochostou 20, 1016 Nicosia.  The 8th Gratitude Day will also be held in Australia (Melbourne), India and Kenya.

The fund raising event is to raise money to support the program “Gift an Education” for the children from the slums of India and Kenya – Africa.

Starting off in the morning with children’s activities and workshops, photography exhibitions, lectures about volunteering in Kenya and around the world, music, street food, with a special Gratitude Ceremony.

Ayda says “I dream of a world where children do not work, but go to school”.

Please try and attend this Gratitude Day in Nicosia and support the wonderful work which is being achieved through Ayda’s Gift a Dream Foundation.

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