St Andrew’s Church British Cyprus Memorial Book dedication


By Margaret Sheard …

Keith Lloyd has been working tirelessly for recognition of those servicemen and women who lost their lives during the Cyprus Emergency whose names are not shown on the memorial in the Kyrenia Old British Cemetery.

This was due to the date of the Emergency being specified by the British MoD as  1st April 1955 to 18th July 1959, although there were still servicemen on active duty in Cyprus up to December 1959 and it is those 30 who lost their lives during the period from 18th July to December 1959 whose names do not appear on the memorial, that Keith wishes to have included, along with the 372 others who died, all in one place.

To achieve this Keith has spent a considerable amount of time arranging for a British Cyprus Memorial Book to be produced which will include all of the servicemen who lost their lives during the Cyprus Emergency.   This has now been achieved and it is a leather bound book inscribed in Old English calligraphy which will be housed in St Andrew’s Church in a dust free glass case.

The dedication service is to be held at St Andrew’s Church on Friday 9th November at 12 noon, and will be conducted by the Reverend Michael Graham.  Following the service there will be a complimentary buffet lunch at Whisky Joe’s Bar and Restaurant in Girne.