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From Northern Cyprus to meet the Vikings in Afghanistan


Introduction by Chris Elliott….

Cyprus although an island has been on the trading routes for centuries with many people settling and making their homes here. During these periods there have also been nations claiming sovereignty over the island and in the recent times Brittan was here with their armed forces trying to preserve order during the Cyprus Troubles.

Royal Anglia cap badge – Picture courtesy of Boiiii on Wikopedia

On CyprusScene pages we have published many ex-servicemen memoirs of the Cyprus Troubles period including many articles from past members of the Suffolk Regiment which on 1 September 1964 became part of the Royal Anglian Regiment as the first of the new large infantry regiments, through the amalgamation of the four regiments of the East Anglian Brigade.

The Royal Anglian Regiment was established to serve as the county regiment for the following counties:

Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Rutland and Suffolk.

The regiment is made up of 3 Battalions as the following and have seen service in Northern Ireland, Yugoslav Wars, Croatia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Iraq and Cyprus

The Vikings – 1st Battalion

The Poachers – 2nd Battalion

The Steelbacks – 3rd Battalion

We have received to following mail from Jan Tomczyk, CFCILT, a resident of Northern Cyprus who is currently working on a mission in Afghanistan and he sends us news of the “Vikings“.

“Dear Chris,

Here are two photos taken during from my current mission to Kabul.

The British Army vehicles are about to leave on patrol and the young professional and polite soldiers are from the Viking part of the Anglian Regiment. Some of these soldiers were from the towns of Needham Market, Cambridge and Peterborough..

During my previous mission to Afghanistan, the Britsh Army soldiers were from the Welsh Guards who were also very polite and professional.

Kind Regards