Roy Oswick, Rest in Peace


By Chris Elliott….

Early this morning 19th October 2018, I received a message from Gloria Oswick to tell me that her husband and my good friend Roy Oswick had died and this is what she said.

“Sadly I am letting all friends know that Roy died yesterday. He had been very poorly for a long time with several admissions to hospital. He died of acute kidney failure.”

Roy was a big man in both stature and heart and was always wanting to help others where he could and this no doubt came from his background in the UK army as a Military Policeman and I was privileged to have received many articles from him sharing his experiences in the army and his service around the world including Cyprus which he loved and it was due to ill health that he had to return to the UK.

Thank you Roy for your friendship and you will always be remembered by your friends and family and also for your fascinating tales of your REDCAPS army life around the world which were truly amazing and filled with such good humour and sensitivity which you brought to our website for others to read.

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  1. Chris, thank you for your comments. So nice of you and Margaret. He will leave a big space over here in Lincolnshire!!

    A man who never shared his Army experiences apart from the articles he wrote for you. Later in life, he liked to portray his ‘Victor Meldrew/Alf Garnett’ side but we all understood that he did have a heart of gold underneath it all!

    He was generous of heart in so many respects and I am already overwhelmed at the feedback and comments that I am receiving.