Lefkoşa to Ozankoy running and walking for No Straws North Cyprus

This event has been postponed due to current bad weather conditions and perhaps dangerous conditions for Ahmet Abdulaziz to Run/Walk across the mountain from Lefkosa to Ozanköy on Saturday 13th October… A new date will be confirmed when arrangements have been made.


By Ahmet Abdulaziz …..

Most probably when you read these lines I will be on my way from Lefkoşa (Nicosia) to Ozankoy (near Kyrenia), running and walking. Or if you are reaching this part of the e.newspaper late on Saturday evening, I will have finished this adventure.  I will be covering a total distance of about 24 kilometres in the name of and for the No Straws North Cyprus campaign.

Initially it was my idea to run/walk from Lefkoşa to Girne, for Cyprusscene, but later on Chris Elliott made it a more constructive adventure, by also adding the name of No Straws North Cyprus.

I hope everything will work out alright. I expect to finish the distance in 4 hours or perhaps a little bit more time. I have been covering this distance for so many years.  I do not remember exactly but I have been on this route perhaps over 100 times, during the last 23 years.  Although I have run/walked from Famagusta to Lefkoşa and from Lefkoşa to Guzelyurt (Morphou), many times, the Lefkoşa/Girne run/walk has always been my favourite.

Usually I cover this distance in 3 hours, but this time it will take more than 4 hours due to two important reasons.

  1. There is road repair work going on over a patch of about 6km. So I will not be running on this part of my route.
  2. I will have to run a few more kilometres to reach Ozankoy.

Those who travel frequently on this particular highway, know that the first ten kilometres are flat, straight from Gönyeli Roundabout in Lefkoşa, up to the point where the roads from Dikmen and Gönyeli cross it.

Although the weather is cloudy nowadays,  I expect the whole adventure to be somewhat easier for me.  But there are chances that in the initial period of my run, it will be quite hot, for the first 10km leg.

There are chances of it raining too on Saturday, and that makes it a real challenge for me. I am determined to continue my run in rain too, which will make it rather more adventurous run for me.

Once I finish the first 10km lag, the toughest part of the run will start. From this point onward, there is steep climb leading to the gorge passing through the Five Finger Mountains.

I usually eat my biscuits once I reach the highest point on this road, and take a few minutes to rest.

Then comes my favourite part of this run/walk. Once I reach the Boğaz picnic point, the road starts going down and down, weaving through high mountains on both sides. This two kilometre patch is what I love the most, but this time I will not be able to enjoy it as much, since due to the repair work on the road, the whole traffic passes through one single road, and the open space where I would be walking is no more as wide as it used to be. So I will be walking carefully, facing the traffic, through this part of my run.

After completing these two kilometre patches, I  will reach to the point where the road turns north and one can see Girne town and the Mediterranean sea, down and at a distance. I usually run with a good speed for this part, but  again I will not be running this time, and would rather walk.

Once I reach the main roundabout at the entrance of Girne, I will be turning right towards Ozanköy. That road too is always full of traffic, but I will run on the pavement, to gain some time.

I hope to reach Ozanköy at 4pm or maybe at 4.30pm to meet friends.

Hope to see you all there at Tim’s Cafe in Ozankoy.