Animal care

The TRNC Dog Whisperer is appealing for your help!


We have received the following appeal from Rob Astley, the Dog Whisperer, who is appealing for as many people as possible to go to the Seabreeze Restaurant table top sale on Monday 15th October in Kucuk Erenköy at 12.00 noon and this is Rob had to say about this event..

“I have just been given some really posh things for this sale including a video player and a working HP pc with monitor, some will go to Stevie’s auction because it will raise more money and another fiver feeds a dog for a week so the more the better .

Please come and have a look as Claire Lamb and the girls have again worked really hard on this table top sale and Claire has not stopped baking so even if you’re not hungry please come to Seabreeze and buy a cake. If you don’t, I will find you, Ha Ha! only joking!

Another reason to come and give Claire all your money is that in the past 10 months or so I’ve only seen 3 dead dogs at the side of the road between Çatalköy and Tatlisu, the reason for this I am sure is that many stray dogs are being rescued and this table top sale is all about keeping the animals alive and cared for..

We have less and less puppies around now because we have spayed dozens and dozens and also we have medicated and vaccinated many .I really don’t know exactly how many but it’s near to 100.

I think we may have re-homed this year around 80, so this is the reason you don’t come on holiday or go shopping and see dead dogs anymore because between us all we are trying to do something about it in our area.

More helpers are joining us every week but we are also finding more dogs to help every week so law of averages says it’s going to get easier and with your help at this sale  I can give ALL the money raised to the vet so I can carry on annoying him with dodgy looking very large dogs with fleas and ticks , Ha Ha only joking Niazi.

So thank you in advance and let’s make this the best Seabreeze Restaurant table top sale ever because if it’s not the best!, I will come round all your houses and eat all your cakes and make you all to have at least one pup or dog each and yes I have got that many x

A very kind lady, Catherine Wood has pledged to double by way of a donation all that is going to be raised at the Table Top sale.

Thank you again for your attention.

Rob Astley
The Dog Whisperer”