August 9, 2022


By Ahmet Abdulaziz……..

In connection with the World Tourism day on 27th September, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Orhan Uludağ of Cyprus International University emphasised the need to realise the importance of tourism.

He said this year’s World Tourism Day (WTD) aims to reveal the opportunities provided for tourism by the sustainable development map, including large data, artificial intelligence, and digital platforms including technological advances.

He mentioned the views of The Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization, saying “Taking advantage of innovation and digital progress offers tourism opportunities to improve inclusiveness, local community strengthening, and efficient resource management as well as other objectives within a broader sustainable development agenda.”

Uludağ stated that the 2018 World Tourism Day should be evaluated within the scope of ’Smart Tourism’ in North Cyprus. Uludağ said ‘Smart City’ and ‘Smart Sector’ will contribute to the development of the main arteries of various initiatives which will contribute to digital progress through innovation.

Photo courtesy of Cyprus International University

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